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Presuming that you are, indeed, looking to buy adult goodies and not a set of shelves (it does happen!), you’re in the right place.

We understand that sexual fetishes come in many different forms and it is our mission to cater for as many as possible through our ever-expanding range of magazines, DVDs, books, toys and much more. So please take a look at our news updates and do have a browse around our store – we feel sure you’ll find lots to tickle your fancy.

The exciting new place to find the most naughty and niche adult magazines.

Here we celebrate porn in all its delicious delights – from toys and clothing to fetish DVDs and magazines. The Top Shelf is a place for porn-lovers from all over to come together in unison for action of all kinds – whether you’re into leather, latex or an old-fashioned spanking – we have adult magazines covering almost every kink and quirk you can think of.

The Top Shelf is made by porn lovers for porn lovers, and we want you to enjoy our fetish magazines and DVDs as much as we do. As our collection of adult magazines and videos grow we aim to satisfy as many sexual fetishes as we can, and we’re always open to new ones!

There’s no stigma here when you’re browsing through our fetish DVDs or adult magazines – so don’t be embarrassed – if you want to ask us about any of our fetish magazines, toys or videos then go ahead, you’ll have to go a long way before one of The Top Shelf team blushes and looks away!

Whatever you fancy we’ve got just the thing to tickle it – from fetish magazines and DVDs to bondage gear and boys’ toys, plus classic rabbits and vibrators for him and her.

With almost 30 years experience, we’ve been at the forefront of fetish DVDs and magazines, producing the Shiny range for a number of years before expanding to offer the range of adult magazines and toys you see on The Top Shelf today.

Discreet, secure and completely non-judgemental, we’re just as much the fetish fan as you are – and that’s why we strive to offer the very best fetish magazines and DVDs.

From Amateurs to XXX – we cover the alphabet of fetish magazines, including Corporal Punishment, Bondage, Rubber and Latex, Vintage, Transgender and many more besides.

Whatever, and whoever you’re into – rely on The Top Shelf for all your fetish magazines and DVDs. Order now or visit our Contact page to get in touch – one of our Top Shelf team will be happy to answer any questions you have about any of our adult magazines or fetish toys and clothing.