A Private Detention Centre


A Private Detention Centre

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This recently re-discovered book, written from the subservient male’s point of view, contain a series of letter purporting to be from one of the less fortunate inmates who is serving a three-year sentence in one of two ‘Private Detention Centres’ – one for young men and the other for young women.

Backed by descriptions and letters from some of the ladies in charge of the iron regime of these well-imagined establishments, a remarkable picture is built up; a picture quite fascinating (and also frightening!) keeping, as it does, well within the bounds of (future) possibility.

The letters graphically describe the cruel and sadistic regime in the Centre, the terrible humiliations and impositions of training in full gear with 40lb packs in the heat of the day or being locked in one of the dreaded ‘Boxes’ for a period of days, not to mention the everlasting and incessant punishments handed out for the most trivial offences!

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